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NXP Semiconductors brings together bright minds to create breakthrough technologies that make the connected world better, safer and more secure. As a world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is pushing boundaries in the automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets while delivering solutions that advance a more sustainable future. Plug and Play will connect NXP with startups to address industry-wide challenges that require collaboration to find viable and long-lasting solutions. “One company can only do so much working in isolation, there are enormous possibilities that are not yet fully exploited today. Joining STARTUP AUTOBAHN, powered by Plug and Play, NXP helps drive technologies of the future,” said Lars Reger, Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer at NXP Semiconductors. “By working collaboratively, we can expand our innovation horizon to create a world that anticipates and automates. For startups, agility is key and bringing them to market faster to boost their solutions and innovative concepts.

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Zonal Architectures: Enabling the Full Promise of SDVs

Zonal Architectures are positioned to revolutionize vehicles by allowing OEMs to decrease wiring harness weight and set the foundation for more scalable architectures required for full SDVs. However, the transition to zonal imposes significant new technological challenges. Unlike statically configured legacy architectures that physically isolate each domain to achieve performance, safety, and security, zonal architectures feature multiple ethernet switches in a richly connected topology and the ethernet links between the switches may carry mixed criticality traffic from multiple domains or applications. This dynamic environment requires OEMs to adopt dynamic new technologies to manage it.

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17:00on June 22, 2023(3:00 PM UTC)

Pilot Insights: Making the Software-defined Vehicle a Reality

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June 22nd, 2023 – Thursday

1:50 PM (UTC)

0:10 h


Main Stage

Keynote by Lars Reger, CTO & EVP at NXP Semiconductors

"Accelerated Innovation through corporate partnerships in the dynamic semiconductor industry"



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3:00 PM (UTC)

0:25 h


Outdoor Stage

Pilot Insights: Making the Software-defined Vehicle a Reality

with NXP Semiconductors, Porsche , DXC Technology & Sonatus, Pull Systems, High Mobility, Scope Technology



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Join our stage in the outdoor area to get exclusive insights on the results of the collaborations between our corporate partners and our 35+ program startups – from pilot to implementation.

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